Don’t Buy Cheap Business Cards

Nothing says cheesy like a cheap business card, especially the ones you print at home on those perforated sheets with the equally cheesy clip art. What do you think when someone gives you a cheap business card? I think, “You’re so cheap and unprofessional that you can’t afford a decent business card?” This is not the response you want to elicit from a prospective client or contact. Your card should be as impressive as the work you do; on a subliminal level it communicates how
professional you are.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to spring for handmade Japanese paper and custom engraving, it simply means you should choose a quality stock (at least 100 lb. cover; better yet 14 pt. cover), good printing and of course, excellent design. Your attitude should never be, “How cheaply can I get these done?” You may be saving a few bucks but you’re damaging your image. Think about it, are you going to trust a financial advisor who prints his business cards at home? Or the realtor with the cheap cards she got at the quick print?

With the volume of information that now needs to be put on business cards, many are opting for two-sided cards. Excellent quality one and two-sided business cards in small quantities can be had at great prices online at GotPrint or Print Pelican. For pre-made templates VistaPrint is an acceptable choice (just don’t pick tacky clip art). Superbly designed cards that will blow you away can be ordered from

If you want a custom business card then you should hire a professional graphic designer to do the job. It may seem like overkill to hire a designer to do what you may think of as a small and insignificant task but bad design is bad even when it’s small.

The cost is as much of an investment in your career as a new suit or piece of software. Don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to your business cards. Spend the extra money and have a card you’re proud to hand out, a card that represents the kind of professional you really are.

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One response to “Don’t Buy Cheap Business Cards

  1. Jan

    My perforated business cards say to my clients: “I’m struggling and desperate for any work you may throw my way.” 🙂

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