PS port 19Paul Sanderson has over 25 years experience as a graphic design professional. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Western Michigan University he left the snowy climes for sunny Los Angeles and began his career as a graphic designer at a company that produced giftware and stationery products. His exposure to the company’s on-site printing facilities sparked a lifelong passion for all things print.

Paul was then fortunate to work for Giorgio Beverly Hills, the icon of Rodeo Drive, where his advertising, package design contributed to the phenomenal success of its world-famous fragrance brands, Giorgio and RED. When the company acquired Hugo Boss Fine Fragrances, Paul worked on campaigns to introduce this European brand to the American marketplace.

He then joined Mattel as Senior Project Designer in Barbie Packaging in the adult collectible doll division. The elegant design style he developed during his years at Giorgio was a perfect fit for the sophisticated sensibilities of the Barbie Collectibles doll brand. One of his “15 minutes of fame” came when his Cher-doll package design was featured on an episode of NBC’s Will & Grace.

Paul was an adjunct professor at College of the Desert Community College where he taught Digital Design & Production. He was also a course creator for World Education University.

Paul is currently Senior Graphic Designer at Revlon Professional Brands.


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  1. Hi Paul, thanks very much for visiting my blog. I’ve been checking out your site and I think I need you, haha. Mind if I subscribe? 😉

    • Paul Sanderson

      I’d love to have you as a subscriber. Click to join. Your photography is very inspirational and I especially like that you capture the everyday, which is as interesting as the grand. Thanks.

  2. B Majeres

    Your site was the first result when I googled “be careful driving elephants in small small foreign garages.” Franklin must have learned that as an apprentice in Philadelphia. Like your blog.


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